Our housing material is cost-competitive, structurally superior, mould resistant, energy-efficient and made with recycled plastic bottles.

This innovative and eco-friendly new concept home out-performs traditional construction in several ways: it is strong enough to withstand Category 5 hurricane winds; it has minimal maintenance requirements; its energy efficiency ratings are in the upper levels on the energy guide; costs are similar to those for conventional construction of the same size; homeowners significantly save in long-term costs.

Built for generations to come

Our panel core is a closed-cell material. If something punctures the skins of the wall or roof, and humidity passes through the core, it maintains its functionality and shape. Unlike conventional materials, our panels are resistant to water and moisture absorption, which prevents the degradation of structural and insulation properties. It is truly a “lock up and leave” home that requires no maintenance during unattended periods.

Assembled in less than a day

The build of this home came together very quickly. It only took three weeks to manufacture the design and 14 hours to assemble the entire house.

Our SIPs are chemically bonded together, so it eliminates the need for framing, separate insulation, siding & shingles.

A new housing concept to reduce energy costs

Along with a strong structure and quick and easy installation, our SIPs provide better insulation than comparable building materials. This house is at a continuous R-30 level with no thermal bridging, which makes for great energy savings in the long term. We estimate savings of 60,000 to 80,000 USD over 25 years.

Our innovative building material has energy efficiency ratings that are in the upper levels of the energy guide.

EnerGuide rating and report

Our product’s EnerGuide* rating and report are based on data collected and, where necessary, presumed from the home’s evaluation. Rating calculations are made using standard operating conditions. A typical home uses 83/GJ per year; whereas, our homes use less than 50/GJ per year — making it nearly 2x more efficient. 

Click here for the full EnerGuide report.

plastic bottles are saved from entering oceans and landfills for every Eco House that is built